Amy Chinn

Amy Chinn is a licensed esthetician graduating number one in her class. She’s had both basic and advanced miroblading training with PhiAcademy’s award winning “World’s Best Master” Kler Rosenberg. This sets her education apart from the average microblading artist in Southlake. Amy prides herself on maintaining her ongoing education and additionally keeping you, her client, educated as well on the latest innovations in the industry. She studied Business Administration at California State University and opened Beauty Bar in 2015. With her exceptional products, knowledge and experience, Amy has all the tools neccesary to help you feel amazing!

Amy’s approach to services is to truly create a customized experience for anyone who comes through her door. She doesn’t simply follow the same protocols for all, but instead develops a program designed to make you look your personal best.

Amy consistently hears from clients that she is calm and soothing, which really helps them relax and feel comfortable during their procedure.That isn’t a surprise to her family who heard all through Amy’s youth that when she grew up she wanted to help people. As an adult active in her community, she began to recognize that many women doubted themselves and were unsure of how to care for their skin and enhance their facial features. Having experienced similar insecurities Amy has a special place in her heart for these women and gets such much joy out of helping them achieve their goals.